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HeatingOilshop.com is the UK's only #1 Commission Free Heating Oil Site. It provides a simple, heating oil price quote service. It brings your needs to local heating oil suppliers that service your postcode area.

The website listings we provide for each postcode area consist of two types of heating oil supplier ranging from the small family business to the large multinational companies.

We do not nclude heating oil brokers.

We do not include comparison sites owned or not owned by heating oil suppliers. For instance there are two sites, heatingoil.co.uk, and fueloildirect.co.uk which are all owned by large heating oil suppliers.

Boilerjuice is now privately owned but, still have strong trading links with its previous owners DCC / GB Oils. Boilerjuice will charge between 1p - 5p commission per litre.

Please remember most suppliers will quote you and hold the price up to 2 days and may give you up to 7 days to pay from the delivery date, IF they have delivered to you before.

If, you have not had a delivery from a supplier before or within the last year you may have to pay at time of ordering.

Independent Heating Oil Suppliers

As the name implies, independent oil suppliers are exactly that, usually well established family owned
businesses that vary in size from multi-supply depot businesses such as, Goff Petroleum and Tate Fuel Oils to a single depot or shared depot business such as newcomer Monument Fuels in Devon and Somerset.

These suppliers pride themselves on good service, competitive prices and punctual deliveries. They are the mainstay of the heating oil business, and we would be the first to say you should "support your local businesses" wherever possible. Most suppliers will also be members of the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers.

Some wiIl supply large areas of the country and have a sizeable tanker fleet where others will have a smaller fleet and concentrate on serving the local community.

In general, the majority of these business will have supply contracts with either major UK oil producers, buy "ex tank", or on a "spot" basis. The smaller independents may have supply contracts with a larger distributor.

Non Independent Heating Oil Suppliers

Non independent distributors whilst independent from oil producers are usually large corporate concerns who have over the years sucked up the smaller, local oil suppliers as well as larger ones.

They operate in much the same way as independent suppliers, but, because of their size, they can guarantee higher volumes to an oil producer and should command a better pricing structure from the producer. Whilst not in business to control the market price it is inevitable that they can influence local pricing purely because of the sheer volume of fuel passing through their business.

They operate their companies by using their locally acquired businesses and using the old company's trading name and style to maintain goodwill and customer loyalty.

Heating Oil Brokers

In short, brokers usually do not deliver fuel, own trucks or have fuel related assets. They arrange to supply through a local third party supplier at a price. The broker adds his commission, usually a "pence per litre" rate on top.

This usually makes heating oil much more expensive than the local rate unless you specify a cash payment. For instance, a brokerage fee of 3p per litre will add £27.00 to a 900 litre quote.

This is money you can ill afford to put into somebody elses pocket especially these days. However, a broker may be your only alternative if your credit rating is poor or you have left bad debts with other suppliers.

At the end of the day, any add-ons no matter how small will soon escalate the price.

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