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History of HeatingOilShop.com

Our site heatingoilshop.com made its first appearance in 2011. Commission and surcharge free the site provides a simple and multiple heating oil quote service.

With over 40 years oil industry experience our owner has considerable experience in multiple downstream disciplines.

In a nutshell, knowledge is our key industry expertise. Marketing domestic fuel oil prices in the UK can be a complex business. Thankfully, we are independent and influence free from any oil industry organisation.

How HeatingOilShop.com works

Put simply, the site works by requesting a number of suppliers to quote for your heating oil business.

At the same time, we have access to over 200+ UK independent suppliers.

As a result we feel better placed for you to receive a competitive, commission and charge free quote direct from a supplier!

In essence, suppliers compete to give you their best possible heating oil price. As a result, you’ll benefit by getting a better deal and a wider choice of prices.

Over time, many of our customers have found that whenever they order, it is not always from the same supplier. Suppliers prices do differ.

Prices and quotes

Local price quotes are unique to the individual suppliers. It is worth remembering that all quotes, are subject to the vagaries of the UK market.

As a consequence heating oil prices can change in an instant. Prices change more frequently at times of high demand especially during the heating oil season. Supply and demand prevails and as such can push prices up.

Your price caculation takes into account the price of crude oil, supply depot distance, weather conditions, delivery schedules and acceptable profit margins. Theseand more all have a specific part to play in the final price.

Most quotes are only valid for 24 hours because of the unstable nature of crude oil prices.

FACT. At any given moment in time prices can change rapidly.

a list of heating oil suppliers to the LE1 postcode

A screen print of suppliers to the LE1 Postcode

What do we do?

Simply put, heatingoilshop.com is primarily a lead generator, forwarding your generated requests to your chosen suppliers.

Your heating oil enquiries are sent immediately direct to your chosen suppliers. They will individually contact you with a competitive price!

Received quotes will be free of commissions, admin or any other charges.

To clarify, we do not take orders, your money or deliver fuel.

In short, we provide you the tools to help you get as many quotes you require can in the shortest possible time. .

Stuff you should know

Our service is absolutely free to consumers and suppliers. As such, this makes our site attractive to both consumers and suppliers alike.

In order to provide a free service we do carry advertising

Please understand we do everything in our power to ensure, the accuracy of supplier delivery postcode information. We will present to you a choice of suppliers which you can select. But, a supplier is not obliged to act upon your quote request.

Heatingoilshop.com cannot guarantee you will receive a quotation from a supplier. If you accept a quoted a price and order from a supplier you enter into a contract with the supplier. Their terms and conditions shall always prevail.

The content on this website is owned by heatingoilshop.com Please do not copy any content including images without our consent
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