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Welcome to our Heating Oil Quote Site is a free to use website that lets you request multiple heating oil quotes from local chosen suppliers.

To get a quote, simply enter the first part of your postcode then select & follow the instructions.

Best time of year to buy UK #heatingoil is typically late spring/summer. This is because demand is lower as people are using their heating less

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Lower demand drives down #heatingoil prices & delivery times are often shorter as suppliers are not as busy

So, If you are looking for competitive heating oil prices in the United Kingdom we are the UK's #1 commission and surcharge free heating oil website.

We can help you save money on your fuel bills. We have a network of heating oil suppliers across the country ready to give you heating oil quotes.

We make it easier and quicker for you to obtain multiple heating oil quotes from suppliers to your postcode.

Getting a quote for your heating oil is so easy with our online quotation system. It provides you with quotes direct from the suppliers that you choose. Not just the cheapest, but those that fit into your time frame.

We are not owned or affiliated to any oil suppliers. We do not take payment from you or receive commissions from suppliers.

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check heating oil tanks more frequenly during winter 

Heating Oil Shopper, Community Group or Commercial?

We make it easier and quicker for you to obtain multiple heating oil quotes. We cater for individual shoppers, community buying groups or a commercial businesses.Ask yourself, how many phone calls? how any web sites? shouldn't this time be better spent?

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Is it worth Shopping Around?

Yes, it is worth shopping around for heating oil quotes. Heating oil prices can vary significantly from supplier to supplier, so it is important to compare prices before making a purchase.

You can use a comparison website like  to get quotes from multiple suppliers, or you can contact suppliers directly, If you have the time.

If you are spending valuable time searching for a competitive heating oil quote. Then instead of phoning muliple suppliers use our site to make your search easier for you?

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Take control of your time and let our website introduce you to a hassle free experience. Get competitive heating oil prices from local suppliers.

We are confident that we are better placed than any other similar website to get you a competitive quote direct from the suppliers.ctly, If you have the time.


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